Know Us

TAYA Technologies is founded in the year 2011. Head office and ODC being located at Hyderabad, INDIA and also have foot prints in MALAYSIA, UK, USA, AUS and South Africa.

At a time when internet is making the world a smaller place and is offering a market with unimaginable potential, it is imperative to explore all the options to give mileage to the virtual business. Taya Technologies is that one-stop solution for all requirements. We do not boast of being different from others but we take pride of the fact that our approach towards work is unique in every way. Our primary focus is the satisfaction of the clients. Our dedicated team considers every aspect and points out every detail before indulging in a project.

As smart gadgets are making a permanent place in our everyday lives it is very important to have suitable applications ready to cater the products or services to the customers. Developers at Taya Technologies have exceptional knowledge of the market and are skilled and equipped to deliver brilliance every time. Handpicked software engineers and an environment of shared ideas help to bring out the best design possible. We understand that each service or product has uniqueness to it and in Taya Technologies we try to deliver that exclusivity through our products and services we render. We listen, we ask, we understand and then only we give assurance of delivery. Whatever you have in your vision we make it virtually real.

Our products go through a rigorous process of Software Quality Assurance. Starting from conceiving the idea to the finished product we keep a keen eye on every strata of the software development process. We exercise standard practices of software engineering processes and means to ensure best quality and it also helps in meeting the standards of CMMI model. Our software Quality Assurance is an umbrella procedure that looks after processes like software designing, coding, source code control, code review, configuration management, testing etc. At Taya Technologies we take up this task to reach our goals, to fulfill our commitment and to ensure the trust that our clients shower on our ability.

Taya Technologies nurtures an environment that can bring out the best in everyone. There was a time when various measures were taken to keep the development process or the product hidden from other companies. But with ever-growing market and multidimensional approach towards the potential market has brought various software development companies to work together. Not only the respective companies reap the benefits of the shared knowledge, the clients and the market at-large receive the best product possible. We believe in equal opportunity and encourage software co-development process.

Taya Technologies strives to offer a simplified solutions to all software related requirements. Our promises are not some hollow words but they get reflected through our dedicated services. Every impossible is a light of possibility to us and every dream is a reality. We not only try to give clients the best quality products but we strive to create a future that spells brilliance. Taya Technologies is the platform to bring your dreams to life.

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