TAYA Technologies Pvt Ltd has expertise to offer or help companies to meet the challenges of today’s competitive Logistics markets. Our Services and Solutions to logistics software enable companies to maximize profits and have better control over their transportation activities.

We have experience in developing logistics management software that automated each of the processes in transportation of goods from booking, documentation, and insurance to actual compliance and powerful track and trace features.

Features offered by our logistics software are:

1) Retrieve, Manage and use all transportation data at the click of a mouse
2) Track and trace inventory movement across the globe
3) Achieve complete compliance in documentation and other regulatory features
4) Shipping documentation completion with ease
5) Automation of mass quantities transportation-related data

Benefits of Logistics Software:

• Retrieval, Management, processing and storage of all shipping data
• Best Resource optimization
• Reduction of inventory levels
• Information management across the supply chain efficiently
• Best Customer service
• Plan, Execute and Optimize business operations more effectively
• Enable informed decisions based on accurate inventory tracking
• Orders accuracy and delivery improvement
• Complete Visibility of Shipping process
• Establish best practice workflow
• Compliance with export laws and regulatory requirements

We provide such logistics management software solutions with which a logistics business owner can focus on their core business alone. We also take care of their business logistics automation needs and help to serve their customers better with improved and timely services.

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