Banking, Financial Services and Insurance(BFSI) is a massive industry that needs software solutions each microsecond. The industries are interconnected and interdependent. And we TAYA Technologies are excellent in providing software solutions and services to such a huge industry. Have tremendous experience in delivering software solutions to such kind of industries till date.

Technology will be a critical component for success as always, but it is not only sufficient adopting technology. We practice agile methodology framework so that we bring in the stakeholders right from business requirements gathering to the shipping of the product. There by Industry leaders closely work their strategy and technology decisions for sustainable growth and revenue.

We provide our services to:

• Build a customer oriented financial Software
• Simplify the operating environment and provide magnificent solutions.
• Accelerate innovation while managing costs

We have a team composed of industry specialists and technology experts. We provide a complete range of enterprise IT services to global banks, financial services and insurance majors across a range of functional areas. Our consultants have deep expertise in providing solution and managing transformation project delivering value and simplifying the clients operating environment. We provide the BEST services using a dynamic onshore offshore model that suits its clients extremely well.

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